15 Celebrity YouTube Channels That Are Actually Worth Watching

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Not long ago, it was impressive if a celebrity was considered a multi-hyphenate. They were considered to be so hard working and talented. Now, it’s pretty much expected for celebrities to be balancing multiple projects and a handful of side hustles. There’s nothing out of the ordinary when you see model-actresses, singer-actors or actor-singer-fashion designers. What is more surprising is celebrities who are branching out beyond the traditional Hollywood jobs of singer, actress and model and adding YouTube vlogger to their resumes.

Some of the celebrities actively promote their channels while others keep them more on the down low and focus on their *big* projects. When you come across the latter, it can be pretty exciting.

Instead of scrolling through YouTube searching for the best celebrity channels, we’ve saved you the work. Here are 15 celebrity YouTubers who have channels that are actually worth watching:

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