17 Movie & TV Characters Who Break the Fourth Wall

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Fleabag 2


When characters break the fourth wall, there’s usually a reason. Breaking the fourth wall means addressing the camera directly, and thereby acknowledging, at least to some extent, that the character is being watched. Whether it’s done on TV or in a movie, the goal is usually to provide a level of intimacy. If we get a character’s inner thoughts unfiltered, we know them better than we might otherwise, even if it’s an IT girl. We can understand better why they do what they do.

Of course, that’s not the only reason to address the camera directly. Sometimes, characters break the fourth wall for jokes. When a character knows they’re on TV or in a movie, and is able to make fun of that fact, it’s typically pretty amusing. It’s not what we expect them to do, which is why it works. Whether it’s used for comedy or drama, there are plenty of characters throughout TV and film that break the fourth wall.

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