More Riverdale Easter Eggs To Come On Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa recently confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that fans can expect more Riverdale Easter eggs on Part 2 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina‘s first season and its upcoming holiday episode.

“I think it’s fun to see little Easter eggs, so we try to sneak them here and there,” Roberto revealed during his interview. “That’s something that we continue to do on the show. I think the fans of both shows love it.”

Most fans noticed when Ben Button appeared on CAOS to deliver a pizza to the mistress of the underworld, Ms. Wardwell, not long after his character committed suicide on Riverdale, but there were tons of nods to the primetime series throughout CAOS‘s the first season. While references like Sabrina’s Archie mug, Harvey’s Archie’s Madhouse poster, or advertisements for bowling matches between the two towns were easy to spot, the creators also added harder to find, blink-or-you’ll-miss-it moments on the first part of the series like a Jughead crown with “was here” etched on a bookshelf at Baxter High.

When he isn’t sneaking in references to his CW television series, Roberto has crafted the December 14 holiday special as a bridge between parts one and two of CAOS season one. The second part will reportedly see Sabrina Spellman exploring the Academy of Unseen Arts and her witch heritage more fully. The creator also teased a love triangle between Sabrina, Harvey Kinkle, and Nick Scratch.

“I think that with these kinds of TV shows or shows for young people, it never hurts to have a love triangle,” Roberto emphasized. “It never hurts.”

Sabrina’s breakup with Harvey was heartbreaking at the end of part one, and seeing Sabrina give her ex-boyfriend a gift on the holiday special trailer gave Sabrina/Harvey fans a glimmer of hope. Aside from navigating her breakup with Harvey, the holiday special will explore Sabrina’s quest to find out why her mother is trapped in limbo as she gets into the spirit of the season by conducting a seance.

The holiday episode takes place between the two parts of season one but is meant to function as a standalone episode that’s accessible to both old and new viewers. Still, it will help the transition into the ‘sexier’ part two of the season as we say goodbye to part one’s idealistic, human Sabrina and embrace the fledgling witch’s new community. The trailer for Sabrina’s holiday special was released on December 4, three days after the first teaser for part two of season one. So, basically, between this and Ross Lynch‘s impromptu performance at Riptide Music Festival in Florida, we’ve been too excited to sleep since the beginning of December.

Judging by the steamy scenes between Sabrina and both of her suitors, it looks like viewers have a lot to look forward to when part two of the series officially returns in April.

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