13 Spooky Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2 Fan Theories

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The Spellman Twin Theory



This Refinery29 theory borrows from both the ’90s Sabrina the Teenage Witch sitcom and the Netflix Original. In Chilling Adventures‘ episode “October Country,” Sabrina revisits her birth in a dream, following the sound of a crying baby into the forest where she was born. When she arrives, she sees the feet of two newborns, one human and one with shriveled, cloven legs. The sitcom had a season three story where it is revealed that every Spellman has a twin, and within the pair, there is always a good twin and an evil twin. When Sabrina’s mother says her baby was taken after the baptism during Sabrina’s visit to purgatory, it gave even more weight to the idea that there were two Spellman babies born in that forest. She also said the witches told her Sabrina was dead, which is definitely a lie someone would tell if they stole your baby. After Aunt Zelda steals one of Lady Blackwood‘s twins in the finale, it births the possibility that this isn’t the first time she’s separated siblings.

An even bigger question looms over this theory: Could Sabrina be the evil twin?

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