13 Spooky Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2 Fan Theories

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Sabrina’s Aunt Was Involved In Her Parents’ Deaths

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We can all agree that Sabrina’s parents were definitely murdered. It’s been brought up as a question so many times that if the answer is “no,” Chilling Adventures would have wasted precious time on something that ultimately didn’t serve the story. The plot has seemed meticulously planned, a luxury of a ten-episode season, so writing off those seeds of doubt as throw-away lines before the second season airs would be premature. Sabrina’s mother was in limbo, implying that she was killed before her time (aka murdered). Fans have wondered if Zelda orchestrated the plane crash that (supposedly) killed her brother and his wife, possibly because the Dark Lord asked her to do and she had no choice. Maybe Zelda’s guilt over killing Hilda so many times really comes from her guilt over killing her other sibling permanently.

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