20 Of The Creepiest Fictional Couple Age Gaps In Movie/TV History

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One of the most common clichés that we’ve grown tired of hearing is that “age is nothing but a number.” You know what? We couldn’t disagree more. And still, it seems like a lot of directors and filmmakers are buying into that weird belief. Ages really are just “numbers,” because they’ve made a habit of showing unsettling age gaps between romantic couples. But you know what’s really creepy? When the age disparity is over two decades or more. Or even worse, when the age difference between a couple is so huge that one person could be mistaken for their partner’s parent.

Of course, we’re not here to get all judgmental about people’s relationships. But you’ve got to admit that some of these pairings are awkward, inappropriate, and extremely problematic. Sure, we can understand if the age gap is small. But if, for instance, a teenager who’s barely legal dates a man who’s old enough to be her grandfather, it’s just too disturbing to ignore. Check out some of the creepiest fictional couple age gaps in movie and TV history.

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