20 Cult Favorite Movies That Were Supposed To Be TV Shows First

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The Addams Family

Cult Favorite Movies

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Whether you know The Addams Family for its 1991 film starring Anjelica Huston, Raúl Juliá, and Christina Ricci or the 1964 television series (with its infectious theme song), fans probably know that these characters go way back. Macabre cartoonist Charles Addams began drawing the darkly humorous aristocrats back in the early 1940s, and their television adaptation two decades later never really popularized the franchise due to competition from The Munsters. Orion Pictures wanted to reboot the television show around the same time Scott Rudin decided to pitch the story as a movie, and for a while, it looked like Orion would emerge victorious. After the death of Charles’s widow, the rights shifted in a way that allowed Scott to move forward with the film instead, scrapping the television project for the time being.

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