20 Cult Favorite Movies That Were Supposed To Be TV Shows First

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Batman: Year One

Cult Favorite Movies

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There can never be too many Batman origin stories, but in the late ‘90s, there could only be one. In another case of dual development, a television series about Batman’s beginnings titled Bruce Wayne was looking like a sure thing, with both HBO and The WB entering negotiations for broadcasting rights. Due to differing visions between The WB’s television and film sectors, WB’s theatrical division greenlit the film Batman: Year One instead which pulled from roughly the same source material but was their great hope to reboot their flailing Batman film franchise. Funnily enough, Bruce Wayne’s shelving allowed Smallville to rise from the ashes less than a year later as its production company was still interested in a similarly themed superhero origin series and were now barred from shopping a Batman prequel to The WB.

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