Here’s How Much Your 16 Favorite CW Stars Make Per Episode

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"Chappelle Show" Money

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It’s no secret that celebrities make the big bucks. If you’re lucky enough to have the chance to appear on camera, you’re going to get a salary to go along with the rare opportunity, right? We’re familiar with how actors and actress get paid millions for movies, but don’t assume there isn’t money in TV shows. There’s a reason some celebs work exclusively on the small screen. Spoiler alert: Television star salaries can add up to some impressive figures.

We’ve previously talked about how much Strangers Things stars earn per episode. If you’re curious to see how other shows compare, we’ve rounded up a list of how much some of your favorite CW stars earn. Click through the gallery to see The CW stars salaries per episode. And try not to get money envy. Remember that being a celebrity can be really hard, you guys.

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