Dylan Minnette Teases 13 Reasons Why Season Three Episodes

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Dylan Minette Teases 13 Reasons Why's Best Episodes


Dylan Minnette thinks the last few episodes of 13 Reasons Why‘s third season are the show’s best. Dylan took a day off from being a stan account for his own band, Wallows, to tweet about the upcoming season of 13 Reasons Why, which will continue without season one lead Katherine Langford, who returned in a reduced capacity for the second season.

Season three was announced in June 2018 with a vague 2019 release date, but judging by Dylan’s tweet, the cast is still finishing up filming the new season, so we won’t be getting it any time soon. Season two continued the series past its source material to include a potential mass shooting and what was possibly the most horrifying depiction of rape I’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing. If you’re thinking, “which rape is she talking about?” then you clearly haven’t finished the second season, but also how messed up is it that we can even ask that question. I kind of don’t want to see what season three’s “best” scripts have in store for us, but I also will probably still be watching because I’m a glutton for pain.

Dylan’s Twitter has recently just been him fangirling about the Wallows playing Coachella 2019 and plugging his rumored girlfriend Lydia Knight‘s band, The Regrettes. TBH, props to him for being a supportive boyfriend and being part of the dopest Coachella lineup we’ve seen in a while. Dylan’s Twitter is peak ~artsy music boy~ but apparently, people are into that because he’s been nominated for the Social Star Award at the iHeartRadio Music Awards this March. So now we’re rewarding having a wet burrito as your cover photo? That’s just sick.

Celebrities, they’re just like our annoying “musician” ex-boyfriends us.

13 Reasons Why will most likely return this summer. It’s unclear how much of a role producer Selena Gomez will have in the creation of the third season after her emotional breakdown in October. Selena’s currently doing much better and trying to take it easy, according to E! News. 13 Reasons Why is emotionally traumatizing for people who *aren’t* currently going through some sh*t, so here’s hoping Sel stays far, far away from the series during her recovery so she can get better ASAP.

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