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5 Seconds of Summer Faces Lawsuit Over Hit Song “Youngblood”

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Yikes! #5sosisgoingtojailparty is trending on Twitter because the Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer is getting sued over their hit song “Youngblood.” The lawsuit against the band alleges that they ripped the opening rift of “Youngblood” from a song by Hungarian songwriters David Henderson, David Toth, and Peter Ferencz.

The song that 5sos has been accused of plagiarizing is called “White Shadows.” It was written in 2016 and was performed on Hungarian TV show A Dal, which selects Hungary’s entry into the prestigious Eurovision Song Contest, in 2017. (The song was not chosen for Eurovision.) The lawsuit alleges that the success of “Youngblood” saved 5 Seconds of Summer from pop culture irrelevancy and propelled the band to new heights.

To be fair, the opening sequences of “White Shadows” and “Youngblood” do sound similar, but allegations of music plagiarism are part and parcel of the music business. In recent years Ed Sheeran, Lana Del Ray, and Miley Cyrus have all been accused of stealing key parts of their hits from other artists. In March, indie rocker Portugal. The Man accused the Jonas Brothers taking parts of their comeback single “Sucker” from his 2017 hit “Feel It Still.”

Legal proceedings like these tend to drag on for years, with many ultimately being settled out of court if not completely dismissed. When faced with accusations of plagiarism, some artists opt to admit to the similarity and give the other party songwriting credits on the track. The writers of “White Shadows” will ultimately have to prove that 5 Seconds of Summer heard their song and knowingly stole the opening melody, which might be a problem, as the YouTube video for “White Shadows” has less than 170,000 views. You can listen and compare yourself with the videos below:


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