5 Seconds of Summer Hints At Another Charlie Puth Collaboration

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5SOS Charlie Puth


The boys of 5 Seconds Of Summer love to keep us on our toes — and they’re not keeping a pesky little lawsuit from moving forward with their musical aspirations. Next up might be another collaboration with Charlie Puth, who was a songwriter and producer on their smash hit “Easier” released in May. So far, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, and Ashton Irwin have been spotted out and about wearing Charlie and 5SOS merch and we’re dying to know what’s happening… STAT. Also, Michael Clifford, where you at? All good?

Luke was seen wearing a shirt that read, “Easier sounds like Charlie Puth,” Calum’s read, “5SOS x Charlie Puth,” and Ashton’s said, “WTF!? Charlie & Luke!?” They were all on white shirts in bold, black, upper-case letters.

Seriously, does anyone have eyes on Michael Clifford?

Charlie hasn’t been seen wearing anything 5 Seconds of Summer-related, but he’s clearly busy jamming to Katy Perry‘s new track “Small Talk,” which he’s also a songwriter and producer on. God, this guy’s everywhere!

While half of the 5SOS fanbase is freaking out over new music from our favorite Aussie boyband, others think that the shirts were made for the “Easier” release. But that doesn’t explain why they were spotted wearing the shirts on August 9. Maybe they’re just supporting the release of “Small Talk,” too? We love friends supporting friends, but we’re going to need some direct answers sooner rather than laters before we start getting some crazy fan theories.

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