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Casey Affleck Creates World-Without-Women Movie After Sexual Assault Allegations

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Casey Affleck — who has been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment on set of his 2010 film I’m Still Here — has now written and directed a movie which imagines a world without women. In Light of My Life, women have all died due to some mysterious plague. Convenient! Well, all the women except for one that is — Affleck’s character has a daughter whom he’s disguised as a boy, presumably to protect her from men.

Two separate lawsuits against Casey describe him physically and verbally harassing female crew members on the set of I’m Still Here. One complaint describes Affleck attempting to crawl into bed with cinematographer Magdalena Gorka, while another describes him directing a crew member to show producer Amanda White his penis against her objections. Both lawsuits were settled out of court. About the claims, Casey Affleck said, “People will say whatever they want.” Okay, then…

We’re gonna take the time to note here that Casey Affleck’s career has not been harmed in any serious way by these allegations. Despite the fact that knowledge of the accusations was widespread during the run-up to the 2017 Oscars, Casey went on to win an Academy Award in that year for his work in Manchester By The Sea. The strongest censure he received was presenter Brie Larson refusing to clap for him when he received his award. Devastating!

When asked if Light of My Life had anything to do with #MeToo or the allegations against him at the Berlin International Film Festival, Casey responded, “It’s not. I wrote this movie and made this movie before all of those things became part of the conversation. I hope people keep their minds open and be responsible and measured in their reactions.”

Women? Responsible in their reactions? How could they POSSIBLY? ICYMI, Casey, critical engagement with film and the wider cultural implications of a well-connected white man escaping sexual harassment allegations unscathed and later making a movie about a world where women have literally died off would fall under the umbrella of responsible and measured.

We’ll extend Light of My Life the benefit of the doubt and assume it has some thoughtful thing to say about society’s tendency to silence and erase women, but we just have some questions, okay?

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