25 Things Coming To Netflix In April To Get Excited About

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The new Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Part 2 trailer was released on a Monday at 7AM, so we naturally completely missed it in our post-weekend depression haze. The new episodes are going to be released on April 5 (on Netflix, where else?), and they look epic. Sabrina Spellman is making out with total cutie Harvey Kinkle *and* dark, mysterious Nick Scratch, she meets her hot dad, and her powers are apparently darker and greater than any half-mortal’s ever should be. What last season lacked in ~anything actually happening~ this season is going to make up for in leagues and scores, my friends.

Our total lack of knowledge about the trailer got us wondering what else we were missing in the world of Netflix while we were focusing on stuff like jobs, friends, you know. Less important things. Turns out, we missed a lot.

Literally everything we know (so far) about what’s coming to Netflix is neatly listed by date below, and we’ve got the tea on what to binge, what to skip, and what your friends will be tweeting about until May. You’re welcome.

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