Ariana Grande’s Fifth Album Is Done: Here’s Everything We Know

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Ariana Grande finished her fifth album and we are freaking out. Midday on December 4, the “thank u, next” singer tweeted a series of lyrics from inside of her recording studio and gave a shout out to her longtime co-writer Savan Kotecha, who helped pen hits like “God Is A Woman,” “Breathin’,” “Side to Side,” “One Last Time,” and “Problem.”

A few hours later, the pop diva tweeted that she doesn’t know when the record will be released, but that “it’s beautiful and waiting for u.” Savan waxed poetic about how wonderful AG5 is going to be, calling it “the best album [Ariana]’s made” and “an example of a once in a generation talent at the peak of her powers both as a vocalist and a writer.” This is also the exact moment that my anticipation for this album grew so aggressively that my heart briefly stopped. In her response to Savan, Ariana urged her label, Republic Records, to hurry up, implying that the only thing stopping AG5’s release is label bureaucracy (like the need for marketing and cover art and other stuff that we understand is important but, as Ari said, “hurry yo ass up“).

Ariana has already released a ton of information on the upcoming album if you know where to look.

Snaps from the recording studio showed a list of nine tracks in October, and some of the titles are featured in the video for “Breathin'” on the departures board in one of the scenes. The board had titles such as “NASA,” “Remember,” “Imagine,” and “Needy,” the latter of which is a song that she teased on her Instagram earlier in October. Ariana apparently worked on “Needy” with Tommy Brown who produced “better off,” “goodnight n go,” and “pete davidson” (AKA the best songs on Sweetener, IOHO) and has worked on all of Ari’s albums.

The board also included the names of two confirmed singles on the album, “thank u, next” and “Seven Rings.” “Seven Rings” was also teased in the “thank u, next” music video in an Easter Egg during the Legally Blonde homage, as were “Imagine” and “Needy” (but we already explained that in our Easter Eggs article, so go read that next).

ariana grande finishes AG5

Republic Records

She also confirmed in an Instagram comment that her manager, Scooter Braun is considering having the Sweetener tour and the tour for AG5 combined into one super tour, as noticed by CapitalFM.

Fans think that the new album is going to be called Thank U, Next and Ari has stated that she wants it to be released before 2019. “thank u, next” is going to be the last track of the 12-song album, which won’t feature an intro, and won’t have any collaborations, according to her Tweets on November 3.

I’m so excited that I can’t feel my fingers or toes, so I’m going to go sit down for a while. We’ll update this page if any new drastic news pops up before the album’s release is officially announced.

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