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Ariana Grande Says “Ain’t No One” in Her DMs in “BUWYG” BTS Video

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The “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” music video behind the scenes is finally here, and it came with a side of piping hot tea. The music video stars Riverdale‘s Charles Melton as the Boyfriend, and he was acting some typa way on set.

TBH, Charles was probably just excited to be in the presence of the biggest pop star in the world, but if I was his gf Camila Mendes, I would not be too thrilled seeing him sniffing some other girl’s hair. Yup, in his (low-key adorable) excitement, Charles fully sniffs Ariana Grande‘s ponytail. I wonder what it smells like. Plastic? Vanilla? The satisfaction of hitting an E7?

Ari is pretty chill about someone who’s technically her employee grabbing her weave without permission. An adorable goofball, Ari jokes: “That’s how I get the fellas,” before clarifying, “Just kidding, there ain’t no one in my DMs.”

Let’s be honest, that must be a damn lie. This whole song is about someone being in her DMs. She talks about how the Boyfriend is someone she’s never met (“You can call me crazy ’cause I want you/ And I never even ever f*ckin’ met you”), and the pre-chorus clearly implies they’re texting each other from the comfort of their own homes. TBF, this could be her reminiscing on an old love since Ari highkey has a history of boyfriend stealing (but we still love her!) i.e. Big Sean, Graham Phillips, arguably Pete Davidson. I rest my point. But her Thank U, Next songs were all written with her current collaborators and seem pretty timely, so odds are Ari had more than one “Bad Idea” in the last few months. But honestly, she’s been through it. If she wants to just have some fun in secret like a normal twenty-something, more power to her.

She’s forsure not having fun with Charles though, who tries to “jokingly” ask if he has potential and Ari just responds, “No.” Like a boss.

The BTS also included some cool insights from its bad*ss female director Hannah Lux Davis. People freaked over the music video’s surprise ending, where Ari really wants the girlfriend and not Charles (0/2, buddy), but it goes ~even deeper~ than that. Ari is deff supposed to be into Charles and his girlfriend, but the girlfriend looking exactly like Ari brings in an element of narcissism. She’s in love with herself as much as she’s into the couple. We love the girl power, self-love narrative, and Ari supporting female directors proving that “God Is A Woman” wasn’t all talk. Ari’s journey of self-empowerment is bringing other women up with her, and we could all benefit from following her example. Just don’t steal any boyfriends, please and thank u, next.

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