Ariana Grande Says Pete’s Not Only “BIG” One In “Thank U, Next” Bloopers

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“I’m Ariana Grande, and I’m her attorney.”

Ariana released the blooper reel for the ageless rom-com classic masterpiece, “thank u, next.” The two and a half minutes of bloopers were mostly Kris Jenner living up to her typecast and Troye Sivan being charming, but first Ari blessed us all with a deleted scene from the music video. Ariana and Jennifer Coolidge recreated the scene from Legally Blonde where Elle Woods helps her nail stylist get her dog back from her verbally abusive and “dumbass” ex.

In case you were wondering, Ari is playing herself being a boss b*tch in this video because she clearly states that she, Ariana Grande, will be defending Paulette’s rights of, um, habeas corpus.

The original video includes a couple of references to Pete Davidson‘s greatest accomplishment (his giant penis), including a note in the burn book saying “HUUUUGE” and a tongue-in-cheek exchange between Ari and Jennifer at the nail salon, but Ari wanted us all to know that Pete isn’t the only one who’s big.

After introducing herself, Paulette’s trailer park ex has the audacity to ask, “Ariana what?” as if he doesn’t know he is being visited by greatness, to which Ari responds, “Yeah, that’s right. BIG.”

You betta, Ari! We all lowkey knew Pete never wore the pants in that relationship, and it’s about time the queen of BDE embraced that she’s the one who’s *really* got it.

Every new piece of info about the “thank u, next” video just makes it better, from the deleted scenes to Colleen Ballinger‘s improv bloopers. In early December, we also learned that the “thank u, next” creative team tried to get the O.G. Warner from Legally Blonde involved in the shoot as well, but that Matthew Davis couldn’t work around his filming schedule in Atlanta (The CW‘s Legacies, BTW) even though he was down to participate. To be real, the “thank u, next” video probably has a much bigger audience than whatever Vampire Diaries spin-off he’s filming now, but his career, his decision, I guess. Maybe they could add him in post to the inevitable sequel?

“thank u, next” recently celebrated seven weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, and Ari celebrated by posting a pic of herself in a dope fur coat before picking up dog sh*t like the relatable icon she is.

“thank u, next” is shockingly Ari’s first number-one on the Hot 100, proving that Ari can release her music wherever and whenever she wants. Way to break those industry norms, girl! The music video broke YouTube’s record for most views in twenty-four hours, and Ari’s last album Sweetener was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Pop Solo Performance for “God Is A Woman” at the Grammy Awards. We all know Ari was lowkey snubbed for an Album Of The Year nod, but 2018 was still a banner year professionally (not so much personally, we know) for Ari and 2019 is shaping up to be even better.

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