Fans Think “Boyfriend” M.V. Has Easter Egg For Ariana Grande x Taylor Swift Collab

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No one’s going to be able to ~calm down~ (sorry, is that over already?) if rumors of an Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift collaboration are legit. ICYMI: Ari and Social House dropped a new single called “Boyfriend” and the new music came with a very Ariana music video. But there’s one clip in the music video that has people stirring up conspiracy theories:


During the vid, the “Thank U, Next” singer can be seen whipping out a bow and arrow to shoot her ~lover~ with it. Pretty much everyone knows that Taylor Swift just dropped a song called “The Archer.” Thus, fans think that Ariana Grande being an archer in her M.V. soon after Taylor called herself the archer in her music is a “Boyfriend” easter egg that there’s an Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift collaboration in the works.

We don’t usually believe in coincidences, but this pop culture crossover could be just that. After all, Ariana is managed by Scooter Braun, whom Taylor is in a pretty public feud with right now. Ariana decided not to chime in on the controversy unlike Scooter’s other clients Justin Bieber and recently-signed Demi Lovato, but it would be pretty shocking if Scooter’s most popular musician (no tea, no shade, just facts) teamed up with his public enemy number one.

That said, we’d love to see what these two pop icons could do while working together. It’d be the ultimate girl power collaboration. Step aside, “Bang Bang.”

You can watch the whole Ariana Grande / Social House music video here and start coming up with fan theories of your own:


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