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Bachelor In Paradise Season 6, Week 2, Part 2: Hot Commodity

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Bachelor In Paradise recap seasin 6 week 2


Long-time no see! We are in the midst of Ladies Week and it’s like a sexy game of musical chairs on the beach of Paradise. A lot happened Monday evening so if you missed out on your favorite love triangles or love pentagons, here’s a link to yesterday’s recap.

Demi and Derek appear to be the most solid couple this season. The two hit it off almost immediately, giving the rest of the group hope that this process does work. But Demi has been Hot N Cold like pop icon Katy Perry. Demi is bisexual as hell and she can’t stop thinking about the girl she was dating back in LA before coming to Paradise. Derek senses that Demi is a little apprehensive, but she isn’t ready to confide in him yet. Instead, she goes to Katie and fills her in on what’s been holding her back. She shares that her strong exterior is a facade. It’s a security blanket to hide parts of herself she was not ready to embrace yet. But she’s here now. Ready to be the queer icon we all needed. With the support of her family and her friends, she’s ready to embrace her fluidity. What better place to explore your queerness than a resort in Mexico with free margaritas?

Adult baby Dylan gets the sense that he’s missing some backstory on Blake and Hannah G. so he finally musters up the courage to ask her what he’s missing. But sweetie, I already know the full story and I still don’t know what I’m missing. Is he like really rich or something?

Hannah tells Dylan that a week before Paradise, Blake flew out to Alabama and he and Hannah kissed. Dylan walks away from the conversation upset and confides in Mike and Derek. He feels that it’s the ultimate slap in the face, but that kind of action would require Hannah being even remotely assertive.

When Tayshia catches wind of the new piece to this 500 piece puzzle, she decides to pull Hannah aside. She feels that Hannah knows exactly what she’s doing, making calculated moves and then feigning innocence to dodge the blame.

“Hannah plays the innocent card and pretends like she doesn’t know why anything is happening,” Tayshia says in her talking head clearly fed up. “She knows what she’s doing.”

But Hannah doesn’t respond well to criticism *shocker* and doesn’t want to feel like she did anything remotely wrong ever in her life. “I don’t appreciate the feeling of being attacked because I’m struggling too,” she says, refusing to acknowledge the role she’s played in this messed-up pentagon. Hannah just shrugs it off and accuses Tayshia of being a mean girl for holding her accountable for her actions. Wow. Maybe Hannah and Blake really are meant to be.

Dean Unglert and his mustache have finally arrived in paradise. A lot has changed since his last go around and it isn’t just the poor facial hair choice. The last time we saw Dean, he was caught in the middle of a love triangle with Kristina and Danielle Lo and, clearly, it did not end well. But things are different now. It’s season six! We have love pentagons and Dean lives in a van. Dean is like the polar opposite of Mike, who checks every box. The only one Dean checks is ‘unemployed.’

Caelynn shows interest in Dean almost immediately but is upset when she overhears Kristina is still sharing their sordid past with the rest of the group. Caelynn feels that Kristina is slut-shaming her across the beach and her past with Dean means Caelynn’s chance at a connection with the creepy mustache man is jeopardized. She begins to cry because she has a minimum of one-sob-per-episode quota to meet, but is mortified when Dean approaches her mid-blubber. Dean still decides to take Caelynn on his one-on-one. This obviously devastates an already fragile Cam and Mike shares in his talking head that his feelings are hurt by the development.

Their date goes really well and, after awkwardly giggling over their untouched dinner, they take a dip in the pool and makeout. It seems that Caelynn has finally clicked with someone and she says that it’s the most romantic moment she’s had in Paradise so far. Sorry, Cam and Mike, you’re not getting her rose this week.

A man named Christian arrives and tells us he was on Becca Kufrin’s season and went home night one so we’re going to take his word for it. He’s the one that tried to pick a fight with Jordan at their After The Final Rose. He makes a beeline for Nicole the crier who has become a self-proclaimed Paradise hot commodity and Clay is immediately threatened by their connection. Nicole feels an attraction and when Christian asks her on a one-on-one, she accepts. The two spend the day jet skiing and speaking in Spanish between smooches. It’s very sexy and I’m starting to worry that Clay might have to go crawling back to his ex-girlfriend Angela.

When Nicole returns from her date with Christian, she is completely transparent with Clay and shares that she appreciates Christian’s assertiveness as that’s a quality she looks for in a man. He agrees to step it up and meet her expectations. During their nightcap, Christian attempts to steal Nicole away as he locks Clay into an awkward handshake. The two hold hands and yell at each other like they’re Hannah Brown and Luke P. on a one-on-one until finally, Nicole says she’d like to stay with Clay. Clay is a little shaken up by his confrontation with the significantly smaller man and it seems like Nicole would like for him to “man up.”

We’re coming up on the rose ceremony and Demi decides that now is the time to come clean about her sapphic past with Derek. Derek, who you may know from Twitter as off-brand John Krasinski, thanks Demi for feeling comfortable enough to share this part of herself with him, but wonders how she can have feelings for the two of them at the same time — which is weird considering he signed up to be on The Bachelorette. It leaves Derek feeling insecure about their relationship, but the two of them are relieved that they’ve finally addressed the gay elephant in the room.

Dean and Caelynn are getting pretty cuddly before the rose ceremony so instead of sulking like Cam, Mike decides to pursue Sydney who he feels has good core values and a good character. Seriously, if he isn’t the Bachelor do you guys want to riot?

John Paul Jones shares that he thinks Tayshia is “hands down the most beautiful girl” in Paradise. So while all of this is going on, JPJ is memorizing a Shakespearean “poem” to recite to Tayshia and while we all appreciate and even salivate at the effort, it is not a poem but rather a line from Romeo and Juliet. He’s memorizing a scene where Romeo first spots Juliet from across a party and marveling in her beauty in the hopes of touching her with his unworthy hand. Are you in love yet?

It doesn’t even matter than JPJ is unable to memorize the full piece, though, because Tayshia begins to make out with him, taken aback by his intellectual side. It’s a quality she finds very sexy. JPJ is so excited he can’t even manage to string a full sentence together in his talking head. We love that for him.

As a last-ditch effort, Christian sets up a piñata, chocolate-covered strawberries, and champagne to win over Nicole. Everyone is drinking tequila on an empty stomach, so naturally, they’re attempting to make Clay approach the two and interfere once they’ve settled onto the daybed. Clay feels that because Christian interrupted the night before, he should steal Nicole away in an attempt to be more assertive. Clay and Christian argue, but ultimately Clay backs down and heads back to the group with his tail between his legs. Clay decides he should be a gentleman and back down, but Jordan is no gentleman. He’s the mayor. So when he asks Clay for permission to rip down Christian’s piñata, he doesn’t take no for an answer. A fight breaks out on the beach between Jordan and Christian as the episode comes to a close. Hopefully, Christian doesn’t go for the face!

The episode ends before we get to the rose ceremony, but when we return next week four men will be headed in a van to spend the rest of Paradise in a motel. See you then!

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