Bachelor In Paradise Season 6, Week 6: Paradise Prom

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Bachelor In Paradise Week 6 Recap bachelor prom

Good morning, everybody. We’re nearing the end of Paradise and as Wells Adams metaphorically shouts “Last call!” the cast scrambles to find someone or leave. Those are the options now! It’s week 6, people! If you missed last week you’re insane, but luckily I watched it for you.
Last week we were left with the question: Will Caelynn dump Connor for Dean who, I’ll say it again, doesn’t have a job and lives in a van?
Caelynn leaves her conversation with Dean and tells everyone that he’s asked her to leave with him. While she thinks it over, Kristina and Dean, who had a very nasty split last summer on Paradise catch up and she is not happy. “Are you crazy?” She asks him. “You are selfish,” she says which is also true.
A fairly confident Connor reminds Caelynn the pain Dean put her through (on her birthday no less!), which seems to work until she goes back to speak to Dean. Caelynn chooses to leave with Dean and the two begin to make out as everyone, including Connor, scoop their jaws up off of the floor. She cries as she says her goodbyes, but reassures everyone they are happy tears. The two leave Paradise and I’m sorry to say it was not in Dean’s van.

Dean and Caelynn’s happy ending seems to light a fire under everyone and Katie fears that she isn’t getting the same head overs heels proclamations of love from Bachelor Patient Zero Chris Bukowski. The couple receives a date card and Katie is relieved. She needs to be sure that Chris is the person she wants to take care of for the rest of her life and hopefully today will help with that decision. On their date, Chris reassures Katie of his feelings for her and what a coincidence! One of those Wedding Parades comes barreling down the very street they’re having fake dinner on. She says it was all exactly the reassurance she needed.

Revian who went home night one of Colton’s season arrives and I don’t remember her either. Unfortunately, it’s week six so everyone she pulls is already spoken for. Except for Connor who is available and also tall. It seems that this is enough for her to at least halfheartedly ask Connor on this date. The two spend the afternoon riding segways which is very unsexy. No one falls in love going really, really slow.
Gay icons Demi and Kristian have been one of the strongest couples on this season of Bachelor in Paradise, but Demi is worried her inability to show physical affection has driven Kristian to seek that touch elsewhere. It seems that Demi’s insecurity stems from her fear of being Out. When Demi gets a date card she reluctantly asks Kristian on the date, but it ends up being exactly what the two needed. They participate in a ceremony meant to cleanse their relationship of any negative energy. Demi and Kristian spend their evening talking about what it means to be an openly gay couple and the public scrutiny that comes with it. It’s a conversation that hopefully answered the question, ‘Why did they let Demi stay in Paradise?

Tayshia told Paul Jones that she never attended her high school prom, so JPJ has decided to organize a Paradise Prom for his girl. Which is fitting considering he behaves like he’s still in high school. The two put on their flashiest outfits and after the girls do her hair and makeup, the two cuddle up on a daybed that has been decorated with mylar balloons spelling out “PROM.” They take photos on a polaroid camera, drink champagne and invite the rest of the cast onto the beach to slow dance with them.
Blake writes up a fake date card for Kristina and sets up a plate of sliced fruit on a day bed scattered in rose petals upstairs. He’s hoping the grand gesture will please his future wife, but all he gets is dumped. Kristina appreciates how sweet the gesture is, but she just isn’t sure if she can ~get there~ and decides to leave Paradise. Blake is devastated as his final choice turns him down so he decides to leave as well. But don’t worry. He’ll be back at Stagecoach again this year.
Hannah is surprised to receive a date card and she excitedly asks Dylan. Dylan and Hannah spend the day at a children’s birthday party. Seeing how one another interacts with children seems to have the two excited to start their own family. Dylan tells her that he’s in love with her, which I guess is different than telling someone you’re falling in love with them and she says it back. The two stand up and attempt to proclaim their love to the Mexican family that has hosted them. “Me llamo Hannah!” Dylan shouts, not knowing that he has just told everyone his name is Hannah. “Me llamo Dylan!” Hannah shouts that her name is Dylan. The two finally get it right and the family cheers for the stupid couple.

Connor decided to stick around despite Caelynn’s departure. Things didn’t seem to click on his date with Revian. He really hit it off with Whitney at the Glitter Goose Wedding, but a Whitney there has not been. Connor is beginning to wonder if he should just head home. Whitney is on her way to Paradise and shares that she is excited to connect with Connor on the show. At this exact moment, Connor bids farewell to the cast as he gets in the van and leaves. Connor’s goodbye is spliced together with Whitney’s entrance interview as a shot shows the two literally passing one another in their vans. Ugh, reality tv is so delicious!
Whitney’s arrival is met with several shouts and profanities from the group. Sydney has to break the news that Connor has already left. Whitney decides that because she came with the intention of pursuing Connor, she’s going to head right back up those stairs and chase him down. “Hopefully he has his shirt off,” she giggles as she heads to a hotel room barefoot in a bikini. She tells him that she came to Paradise to pursue him. The two get cuddly on the couch of his hotel room as we zoom out.

Wells asks Nicole about the progression of their relationship and she shares that they have yet to drop the L-word. On their date, Clay toasts to his girlfriend and talks about their future after Paradise. She asks if he’s ever talked about moving in with someone before and of course he mentions Angela. Boy, she really salsa’d into that one. Nicole says that she’s willing to move to Chicago for him and despite all the obstacles they’ve faced, she’s still falling in love with him. She asks if he feels the same way and after struggling for a while he calls her his “best friend on the beach” and weakly says he’s beginning to fall in love with her too. Nicole says in her interview that she doesn’t want to get engaged to someone who can’t give her the reassurance she needs. A man with a guitar who is unfortunately not Jed Wyatt plays a very emotional song as the couple slow dances.

The night of the rose ceremony, Chris Harrison announces there will be no cocktail hour. This rose ceremony is meant to confirm that the two intend of pursuing a future together. Despite Chris’ rules, Luke Stone attempts to give his rose to Bri and she rejects him. Chris asks if anyone will take his rose. “Anyone? Anyone?” No one. So he has to leave. Ouch.
Clay gives his rose to Nicole, John Paul Jones gives his rose to Tayshia, Matt Donald gives his rose to Bri, Dylan gives his rose to Hannah, Chase gives his rose to Angela and Chris gives his rose to Katie. This means saying goodbye to Sydney, Revian and Haley.
Chris Harrison arrives in the morning to tell the group that it is time for Fantasy Suites which has everyone thinking about their future. This pressure causes Bri to dump Matt Donald who was concerned Matt was simply hung up on her because she’s a model. Next, Chase breaks things off with Angela. It’s the next breakup that comes as a surprise. JPJ professes his love for Tayshia and shares his excitement for a future with her, but it’s clear she doesn’t feel the same way. The two have an emotional breakup as everyone watches. And just like that Tayshia and JPJ leave.

Demi and Kristian, on the other hand, seemed to have overcome their concerns. The two confidently head into the next step of Paradise: Fantasy Suites. Chris and Katie have a difficult conversation where it seems that Chris may actually end things. “Is this really happening?” she asks. Luckily, Katie is able to talk Chris off the edge and the two decide that moving forward can simply mean continuing to figure out their relationship outside of Paradise.
And just like that, there were four! Dylan and Hannah, Demi and Kristian, Clay and Nicole and Chris and Katie head into Fantasy Suites as all the couples reach their final days in Paradise. See you next week!

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