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Bachelor In Paradise Season 6, Week 7: The One Where Everyone Gets Engaged

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Guys, summer is over and I’m sad! It was such a fun season and wouldn’t ya know it, it was a summer full of twists and turns just like Chris Harrison said it would be! In case you aren’t caught up, here’s last week’s recap. It’s a 12-minute read if you pause at the appropriate laugh breaks.

We have four couples left on the sandy shores of Paradise, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of the woods yet. Couples must still decide if they plan to venture into the Fantasy Suites. That decision comes pretty quickly for our first couple, Chris and Katie. Katie, like always, has reservations about Chris, but they better sort them out because they also have a reservation for the Fantasy Suite (wordplay!). Katie feels that Chris’ reiteration of his love and certainty for her is enough to take that next step.

Hannah and Dylan are elated to be entering the final chapter of this journey. Hannah says she’s reluctant because she was so close to an engagement before which is debatable, but she’s ready to see what her future with Dylan holds.

Our third couple, Demi and Kristian, also decide to spend the night in the Fantasy Suite. Demi says that she was always perceived as being undeniably herself, but it wasn’t until she came to terms with her sexuality that she ever felt that was true. Kristian tells Demi she changed her perspective on what a lifelong partner could be. It’s beautiful. I’m crying. You’re crying. Mike Pence is mad. Everybody wins.

Now back to a regularly scheduled heterosexual programming — Clay and Nicole are having a heart to heart. When it’s time to determine whether or not they will be spending the night together, Clay seems reluctant. He tells Nicole that no matter what happens, he’ll never forget this. Uh … that doesn’t sound like something you say before a proposal! Nicole keeps trying to steer the conversation somewhere deeper and Clay eventually says he isn’t 100% ready for a proposal. Clayton, do you think you signed up for American Ninja Warrior? Ultimately, Clay decides it would be best if he and Nicole spend the night apart and she is understandably pissed. A montage of all of the happy couples stripping down to their undies features Nicole sobbing on a balcony under a fireworks display.

When Nicole walks onto the beach the next morning, she shares her concerns with Chris Harrison who wishes her good luck. After pouring her heart out to Clay, Nicole asks him frankly if he loves her. “I’m not there yet,” is all he is able to give her. It isn’t enough. She tearfully tells him he either knows how he feels or he doesn’t and walks away. It might take two to tango, but luckily it only takes one to cha-cha. Now, Nicole is off to do what she does best. Cry.

Next up is Chris and Katie and despite her fear that he isn’t all in and his fear that he’ll have to be on another season of this show, things go well. For the first time, Chris is able to be vulnerable and completely transparent about his feelings with Katie. He even begins to cry when he tells her that he can’t imagine a second without her. That ability to access emotions is rare for a man from his generation. Back in his day, men didn’t feel feelings! He proposes and, of course, she says yes.

Keeping with the Straights, let’s dive into Dylan and Hannah’s proposal. Face it. We all know it’s coming. Dylan, of course, talks about how much he loves Hannah. He just loOooves Hannah soOOo much, but when it’s Hannah’s turn to talk, she shares that she never felt she deserved a man like Dylan. It’s a beautiful moment and Dylan takes this moment to get down on one knee and Hannah obviously says yes.

Okay, now let’s make like freshman year of college and get a little gay. It’s Demi and Kristian’s turn and their morning starts really well. Demi shares that she wants Kristian to be a part of her life forever despite the pressure to be “good enough” for her partner. “I didn’t think I was good enough for someone like Kristian. Why would someone that amazing want to be with me?” Demi says in her talking head. When Kristian steps onto the beach the two are all smiles, sharing how transformative this entire experience has been, but all it has done is reaffirm their love for one another. Demi ends up popping the question and all of the happy couples head down to the beach to celebrate.

So what’s happened since?

Chris Harrison welcomes everyone to the reunion and begins the night by addressing the John Paul Jones and Derek drama. John of Paul Jones fame tells the same story about Derek’s sleazy Instagram fan hookups, but once again it’s changed just slightly. You know, like a liar. Derek doesn’t seem phased by their inability to reconcile, but he does feel that he owes Chris and Krystal an apology for blowing up at their wedding. “I think the situation was unfortunate,” is all he says.

Next, we begin to chisel away at the giant, massive glacier that is the Blake drama. First, Tayshia and Hannah discuss their tiff in Paradise. Tayshia isn’t happy Hannah called her a mean girl and feels that she could have saved Tayshia time in Paradise by just being honest about her history with Blake. It seems Tayshia is hoping for an apology from Hannah, but all she just tells her “I respect your opinion” which sounds about white.

Caelynn discusses her decision to leave with Dean and apologizes to Connor for having to make that decision, but Connor has been dating Whitney since the show ended. So it seems like everyone is happy. Half of them are living in a van, but somehow everyone is still happy.

Kristina recaps her Stage Coach drama as a preface to Blake sitting in the hot seat. He recognizes that he looked really bad when you see everything all together, but he never did anything to be malicious or lead anyone on. Jordan, who by the way won’t stop talking, says that maybe Blake just has a kink for Bachelor girls.

Then, Chris Harrison delves into the text messages from Caelynn that Blake posted to his Story in an attempt to save face. They were intimate messages she claims were sent at 5 AM and as a result, Caelynn faced a lot of backlash for the promiscuous nature of the conversation. Caelynn tearfully says that he specifically chose texts that painted her as the bad guy and that she begged him not to post them hours before. He claims he didn’t have any idea people would slut-shame Caelynn, but Dean calls his bluff. Onyeka chimes in, saying that Caelynn chose not to stoop to his level and the cast repeatedly urges Blake to apologize for his actions. All he says is that he is sorry that she was attacked, but no one would have known she made mistakes had he not aired her dirty laundry. How can someone be so tall and not have a backbone?

After the commercial break, cameras are on Dean consoling Caelynn, and Kristina is comforting Blake backstage. We have a brief halftime show where we revisit the Bachelor In Paradise success stories because apparently we can’t go two episodes without seeing Carly and Evan’s children. In a gender reveal, Carly finds out she will be having a boy and Jade and Tanner force us to watch an excerpt from their birthing video.

When we get back from commercial, Tayshia takes a seat on the couch. After going over her breakup with JPJ, she tells Chris Harrison that she regretted her decision and decided to go after JPJ after filming ended. Luckily for us, she brought a camera crew with her. He’s obviously ecstatic and asks Tayshia if she will be his girlfriend. She says yes. On stage, the couple is giggly and when JPJ gets down on one knee, Tayshia almost has a heart attack. But it’s just JPJ reciting another Shakespearean verse he doesn’t understand. Don’t give us blue balls, Jonathan!

Katie is up next and Chris Harrison immediately points out that she is emotional and not wearing an engagement ring. Uh-oh! That’s not good. She tells Chris (Harrison) that Chris (the other old guy that’s on every season) isn’t good at communicating his feelings for her. They’re still engaged, but Katie feels like her tank is empty and no one is there to fill her up. Ew! When Chris Harrison asks Katie if she still sees Chris as the father of her children, she says she’s praying he still is. Can he even have kids still? It seems that Chris is taken aback by Katie’s uneasiness. They reach some kind of reconciliation and Katie puts her ring back on, but after commercial, Chris tells Katie he felt blindsided in front of everyone and eventually the two walk away from one another. It’s unclear where they stand, but things don’t seem ideal.

Hannah and Dylan confirm that things are going well and that Hannah is making the move to Los Angeles. It’s a recap so fast, it feels more like a commercial break in between commercials for Stumptown.

When Demi and Kristian come out (ha-ha), they receive a standing ovation. Demi says she has moved to Los Angeles since filming ended and it feels good to finally be open about who she is. Luckily, the hate she feared she’d receive has been drowned out by the overwhelming amount of love. Kristian takes this moment to bring Demi to the front of the stage to propose back and give Demi her ring. It’s prettier than Kristian’s tbh.

Now it’s time to announce the next Bachelor! For those of you who don’t troll Bachelor Reddit threads, you’ll be shocked to discover that man is Peter Weber, the pilot from Hannah Brown’s season. I, for one, am disappointed Mike Johnson won’t be stepping into the role and for that, I blame Demi Lovato. Now, we have to sit through a season of plane and windmill jokes. I’m hoping the flight is a red-eye, because I’m probably gonna sleep through it. Until next time!

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