BTS’s Twitter Has Been At The Top Of Billboard’s Social Chart For 109 Weeks

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I stopped paying attention for like five seconds and suddenly BTS is the biggest band on the planet and I literally couldn’t tell you anything about them. Are there seven members? Fifteen? Five? Truly, no clue. But their fanbase is huge and powerful, and the K-Pop supergroup has reached 109 weeks in the top spot of Billboard‘s Social 50 chart.

The group was the first K-Pop group to break through the Top 40 in 2017, their album Love Yourself: Her was the first album by a K-Pop group to hit the top ten on the Billboard 200, and they’ve won top social artist back-to-back in 2017 and 2018 at the Billboard Music Awards after Justin Bieber held the title for six years. BTS looks poised to break another social record held by Mr. Hailey Baldwin as they maintain their leading spot on the Social 50. Justin is the only other artist to reach triple-digit weeks at the top, but he capped out at 163 non-consecutive weeks. BTS is already at 118 non-consecutive and 109 consecutive weeks on top, with no end in sight. This isn’t like a normal thing, it’s kind of a big deal. With the Biebs and BTS at #1 and #2 of all-time, Taylor Swift is in the third slot on the leaderboard and has only topped the chart for twenty-eight non-consecutive weeks.

The chart’s calculations blend page views and engagement with weekly follower additions over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Wikipedia and Tumblr (so basically all the biggest Stan social media platforms and for some reason also Wikipedia), which means BTS is killing it all over. I cannot stress how little I know about this band and their Wikipedia page was overwhelming, so I decided to peep their social accounts so I can pretend to be hip and cool instead of an elderly woman who spends most of her time watching Netflix.

Is it bad that I was surprised that their Twitter is in Korean? I’m literally the worst. Anyway, their most recent tweet was this hilarious picture of a dog:

There were also some intense close-up selfies of the members, but it mostly seems like the boys thanking their “army” for their awards, and unlike my girl Ariana Grande (who’s at #4 this week), they never interact directly with their fans on Twitter. Their Instagram is fully professional or promotional photos, as is their Facebook, and I don’t even think they have an official Tumblr (because who really does??). Their Twitter is as close to their ~authentic~ voice as it gets and I am really out of my depth here, but it looks like BTS’s social dominance is a symptom of their greater world dominance. Everyone has gone batsh*t for their (really, really impressive) dope dance moves, pastel-meets-edgy aesthetic, and I’m assuming also their music since their songs keep breaking K-Pop records in the United States. According to Vogue, whose spread with the band was the first time a K-Pop group had a full shoot for the magazine, it was actually the 2017 Top Social Artist award that led to their management shifting towards marketing the band in the United States.

In the words of hoards of tweens that helped the group achieve international stardom: It’s not a phase. As the media (like me rn) takes better note of BTS and understands that they’re here to stay, hopefully, the band will stop being treated like novelties by poorly-researched interviewers or well-meaning but pandering talk show hosts like James Cordon. Our new teen heartthrobs are seven twenty-something K-Pop stars with perfectly in-step dance moves and a flair for the dramatic.

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