Camila Cabello Accused Of Ripping Off “My Oh My” From Latin Artist

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Camila Cabello Accused Of Ripping Off

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Camila Cabello is in hot water again, but this time it’s not for some allegedly racist sh*t she posted on her old Tumblr account. Instead, a Twitter user edited a clip from her song “My Oh My” next to the track “Llaman a la Puerta” by Pochi Marambio and Tierra Sur asking, “Did Camila sample this song or did she just steal it?”

According to Genius, the song is not sampled and was written as a collaboration between Camila, Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, Louis Bell, Adam Feeney, Savan Kotecha, and Anthony Clemons, Jr. The Pochi Marambio was released in 2018 under Alejandro Marambio Altamirano‘s copyright.

While the two songs do sound similar, it’s up to a court of law to decide if Camila actually stole the tune from the Latin song. One thing is for sure though, the Cuban-American pop singer has been deeply influenced by Latin music and reception to her first solo single, “Havana,” has largely shaped the sound of all future music she’s recorded.

This isn’t the first time Camila has been accused of plagiarizing another artist. Two years ago, fans called out the former Fifth Harmony star for ripping off Lorde with her song “Into It.” Lorde fans drew comparison with their fave’s track “Sober” whereas Camila’s song “She Loves Control” was compared to Stargate and Sia‘s collab “Waterfall.” Additionally, MARINA fans thought Cam’s new song “Liar” sounded a little too much like “Karma.” Others thought it sounds like “Kali Uchis” track “Nuestro Planeta.”

Some anti-Camila fans are now calling for someone to make an entire thread of “all the songs she STOLE,” noting that there are plenty of examples on the first album and now, the second seems to be shaping up similarly.

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