Camila Cabello’s Grammy Performance Renews Concerns About Past N-Word Use

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People don’t really pay enough attention to Maybe it’s because the New York Times called it vulgar tomfoolery, maybe it’s because Babe calls itself a website for “the pettiest celebrity drama.” Either way, no one seemed to give a f*ck when Babe called out Camila Cabello for being highkey racist in January 2018. Now, there’s a viral tweet reminding everyone that Camila thinks it’s okay to say the n-word with a hard -er. In case anyone reading this is delusional or literally stupid: it’s never okay for someone who isn’t black to say the n-word. Period. Hard -er or -a or whatever. It’s Black History Month, people, start learning.

People are trying to say that screenshots dating back to Camila’s pre-X Factor days of the “Havana” singer regularly using the n-word were photoshopped and that photos of her calling her Fifth Harmony bandmate Normani the n-word are photoshopped, but Camila has addressed the controversy on Twitter in the past.

In a 2013 tweet, Camila wrote, “I get how anybody that doesn’t know me would think those things about me, I was immature and young and joking(not an excuse) but I apologize.”

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“Those things” was being a legit racist for using the n-word and saying a bunch of problematic sh*t on a One Direction stan account she used to run. Owning a 1D stan Twitter in the early 2010s should have been the first red flag TBH. Also, her “young” age was fifteen-years-old. By the time you’re fifteen, you should understand that using racial slurs that you have no right to reclaim isn’t a quirky and fun way to express yourself.

Camila later did an interview with The Sunday Times where she spoke about the drama, saying that she’s learned. Apparently, she hadn’t because there are screenshots of her calling Normani the n-word with a hard -er in a casual text conversation, like that isn’t a racial slur with deep historical ties to violence and brutality against the black community meant specifically as a derogatory slur. Later in the interview, Camila legit says that she doesn’t go on social media because of scrutiny and that she wants to “live her life the way everyone else does.” Uhhhhh, does she think that everyone else is using racist language in casual conversation? Like, is that her definition of living her life like everybody else because, if so, she needs new friends ASAP.

“That’s why I barely go on social media. There’s no way to live life without making mistakes or saying the wrong thing,” she said in response to her ~regular~ use of the n-word. “I’m not going to live like some perfect pop singer. I’m human and the inhuman part of this is public scrutiny. I want to stay away from anything that makes me think I can’t live my life the way everyone else does.”

Camila has also used coded racist language online, like when she called herself “a gangster hood thug rat (yo)” on Twitter and called Dinah Jane “ghetto fabulous,” and might’ve called Barack Obama the n-word on her old 1D account, all of which were documented in the Babe article. Honestly, how dare she bring the Obamas into her bullsh*t?!

Sure, this was mostly like five years ago, and people have both the ability and the right to grow, learn, and change. She’s never ~actually apologized~ for her behavior, though, and didn’t say anything to her fans when they started coming for Normani on Twitter and calling her “Normonkey” after the two seemed to begin feuding. That’s literally so horrific. I feel uncomfortable writing it at all. If you don’t understand that comparing black people to monkeys has been used as a tool to dehumanize and otherize an entire race to justify racist behavior, you are a bad person. Full stop; you suck and need to go get help.

It’s not that Camila is necessarily a bad person or that she definitely hasn’t learned anything from her past mistakes, but as an increasingly-famous public figure, she has a responsibility to publicly acknowledge why her actions were inherently wrong and to give her fans more than an excuse disguised as an apology. This is the same BS that people literally destroyed Kevin Hart for during his Oscar hosting controversy, but because Camila is a cute Hispanic woman and not a black man, no one gives a f*ck. Which is, ironically, racially-charged in and of itself.

Camila’s self-titled album is highkey fire, and I’d honestly like her to apologize so I can listen to it without feeling like an enabling assh*le. But until Camila steps up and shows some real understanding and remorse, this is how I feel:

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