Ross Lynch Reveals He Wrote “Sweet” Song With Chilling Adventures Costar Gavin Leatherwood

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Could Ross Lynch and Gavin Leatherwood‘s epic bromance *be* any sweeter? We don’t think so. The actors who play Harvey Kinkle and Nick Scratch on Netflix‘s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are constantly hyping one another up and gushing about each other in public. And, now, we find out that they’re making music together? Our fragile hearts can’t take the cuteness.

Both Ross and Gavin made an appearance on Netflix’s “Extremely Relatable” short video series where the boys each got to read complimentary tweets about their BFFs. Listening to Ross say “Is loving on this list? Because Gavin is very loving,” in order to correct a fan about reasons they “stan” Gavin is just perfection. But Ross also spilled some secrets about what he and his on-screen romantic rival do behind-the-scenes. Gavin says, “I hug and squeeze Ross on a daily basis,” but Ross says they might be collaborating on more than just the best hug.

“He actually is really good at guitar and he’s got some songs. We were actually just writing a song and it’s kinda sweet,” Ross said after reading a fan tweet gushing over Gavin’s many talents. “So many you’ll hear it one day.”

You can watch both boys’ videos below:

We’re not sure we can wait to hear this song that Ross teased, so our only option is to bother both of the boys endlessly on their social media accounts to release it… right?!