Charlie Puth Releases “Easier” Remix With 5 Seconds of Summer

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“Easier” sounds like Charlie Puth, but for real now. After 5 Seconds of Summer teased us last week with Charlie-themed tee-shirts, it looks like they were hinting towards Charlie coming onto the track that he originally cowrote and coproduced.

ICYMI: Last Friday, Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemmings, and Calum Hood were all spotted out and about in L.A. wearing white tee-shirts with black, bold lettering that said something about 5SOS and Charlie Puth. Calum’s was perhaps the most obvious, reading, “5SOS x Charlie Puth.”

Many assumed the boys were doing a proper collaboration with Charlie Puth, but it seems like it’s just a remix to their May release “Easier.” It’s *almost* as good as the OG. Charlie switches up the lyrics to be about a girl “always looking at [her] phone,” but the bridge and the chorus are the same as the OG 5 Seconds of Summer track.

Fans agree that this remix slaps, but some are slightly bummed that they don’t have a brand-spanking-new 5 Seconds of Summer to listen to before the summer ends, which was the running theory about the Charlie Puth tees last week.


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