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Several Charmed Reboot Spoilers Dropped at the CW TCA Q&A

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We’re counting down the days until the Charmed reboot airs in November – mostly so that we can see if Holly Marie Combs had a point with her criticism of the new show – which will feature a Latinx trio leading the pack and has been touted as a “fierce, feminist reboot.” At the recent Charmed Q&A at the TCA, the cast and crew participated in a panel and dropped quite a few teasers and spoilers for what is to come during the upcoming premiere season of the show.

All three Charmed Ones Have Different Dads

From the first trailer that was released, we knew that at least one of the sisters had a different father and had not been raised by her mom with her sisters. But as it turns out, the younger two are also half-siblings, as well.

It begins with a pending apocalypse – the first sign is a controversial presidential election

Sound familiar? Although the producers didn’t confirm that it was a nod to Donald J. Trump’s presidency, it seems pretty likely.

There’s actually a Latinx witch on the writing staff

Not going to lie, we like to hear that the Charmed reboot is putting their money where their mouth is by including a real-life Latinx witch on their staff. That said, his witchcraft is pretty different from what the Charmed ones will practice on the show. This writer and his coven mostly focus on manifesting positivity in their lives and the world.

Don’t expect any ‘the power of three will set us free’ in the new show

In fact, don’t expect any rhyming couplets at all. Jennie Snyder Urman said (via Post-Gazette), “Something about the rhyming felt like it belonged to that [first] show and especially because we’re wanting to get into different languages and different cultures, we didn’t want to limit ourselves.”

…But they are using the “central mythology” of the OG

So… what does that mean? Jennie continued, “We are using the central mythology — Whitelighters, the Book of Shadows, the power of three — and at its core it’s a love story between three sisters. The core of the show remains the same.” During the panel, however, it was confirmed that the Whitelighters’ orbing is going to look a lot different than what we saw with Leo and Paige during the show’s original run. You can even catch a glimpse of it in the new trailer below!

Don’t be surprised if a Jane the Virgin alum crops up

Jane the Virgin is about to air its final season, and we could totally see Gina Rodriguez popping up as the girls’ cousin! We’d be pretty happy to see any of the JtV cast appear though.

You can watch the new trailer below!


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