Riverdale Fans Are Freaking Out About Teased Cheryl Blossom Twist On Tonight’s Season Finale

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Riverdale is full of shocking twists and turns that none of the fans ever saw coming. A lot of the time, these twists border on ridiculous, but with a show as campy as Riverdale, we revel in the absurdity. Now, Cheryl Blossom fans are freaking out after a recent Decider article teased the upcoming episode, saying, “some surprising twists thrown [Cheryl’s] way lead to one of the weirdest reveals involving the character the show has ever done.” One of the weirdest reveals the SHOW has ever done? Sorry, but remember when it turned out Betty Cooper‘s dad was a serial killer? Or when Cheryl Blossom‘s mom became a ~lady of the night~? Calling something the “weirdest twist” on the show is sure to raise some eyebrows. But the author knew that.

This single sentence has sent Cheryl Blossom stans into a frenzy trying to figure out the twist before tonight’s episode airs. Among the theories are guesses that Cheryl and Archie are actually twins (we think Molly Ringwald would have something to say about that), that Cheryl’s an Evernever — AKA the daughter of cult leader Edgar — and that she and Jason are actually triplets and that’s why “Jason” was recently revealed to be the Gargoyle King, according to Ethel. But the one that *just* might be it — Cheryl’s the Gryphon Queen and has been working with the Gargoyle King, her twin brother, this whole time.

But Riverdale stans also know that one character is going to die during tonight’s episode. Is it possible that it will be Cheryl? Seems unlikely, considering actress Madelaine Petsch is a fan-favorite and her character’s relationship with Toni Topaz is a top ship on the show. But on a show like Riverdale, really, anything can happen.

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