Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Is Being Sued By A Real Satanic Temple

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chilling adventures of sabrina


In news we really didn’t see coming, Netflix‘s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is being sued by a real group of Satanic worshippers… over alleged copyright infringement. No, we’re not joking, you guys. This is real. The Satanic Temple, a political and religious organization based in Salem, Massachusetts, (natch.) has accused the Netflix series of “appropriating” the design of its statue of the deity Baphomet.

If you’re up to date with the reboot, then you’ve probably seen the statue at Sabrina Spellman’s school, the Academy of Unseen Arts, as it appears in multiple scenes. But it turns out, The Satanic Temple isn’t happy CAOS used a statue that bears a striking resemblance to theirs.

The group’s spokesperson and co-founder, Lucien Greaves, took to Twitter on October 28 to slam the series and reveal that the temple is threatening legal action against them. “Yes, we are taking legal action regarding #TheChillingAdventuresofSabrina appropriating our copyrighted monument design to promote their asinine Satanic Panic fiction,” he wrote.

According to Lucien, the Baphomet statue was specifically designed and built for The Satanic Temple. He even posted a photo of two monuments on his Twitter account to compare them.

Both the group’s statue and the CAOS statue feature a winged creature with a horned goat’s head. In other words, it looks exactly like the show’s “Dark Lord.” They both also feature two children standing next to it and looking up at him. Lucien made it clear, though, that the temple isn’t claiming ownership of the Baphomet, just the specific design of the monument. Basically, his biggest concern is that viewers will assume The Satanic Temple copied the show instead of vice versa…

“It’s distressing on the grounds that you have to worry about that association being made where people will see your monument and not know which preceded the other,” he told SFGate, adding that having people think they copied the show’s statue “cheapens” their central icon.

When a Twitter user suggested that the show’s use of the icon is free publicity, he replied, “Having one’s central icon associated with human sacrifice in an evil patriarchal cult is hardly good exposure and hardly a frivolous complaint. Fighting this bullshit is the heart of ‘the cause.'”

He wants one thing and it’s that Netflix takes it out. “It looks like it’s a CGI facsimile to begin with. I don’t know how much work that takes, but I simply refuse to have our monument used in this way in perpetuity. I don’t want our monument to be associated with this,” he added.

Netflix has yet to comment on the pending lawsuit against its show, but who knows what measures The Satanic Temple is willing to take to get “their” statue removed.

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