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A Clueless Reboot Is In The Works!

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More than 20 years after we fell in love with Cher Horowitz, it’s being reported that Clueless is the latest movie in line for a modern reboot! This is not a drill — it’s really happening, you guys! Though there’s no official word yet on whether the remake will feature any of the original characters we know and love, or if the plot will differ from the cult classic, we’re totally buggin’ over the news.

The film’s details are being kept under wraps for now, but Variety reports that Paramount Pictures is developing a Clueless remake penned by GLOW writer Marquita Robinson and produced by Girls Trip writer Tracey Oliver. If you’re a fan of either, then you know these ladies have exactly what it takes to give us the remake we all deserve. Honestly, as long as there are a couple of references and a character or two with Cher and her BFF Dionne Davenport’s sass, we’ll be happy.

When the news broke on Thursday, October 25, Marquita and Tracey both tweeted about the reboot, and even jokingly addressed what some fans might be thinking:

A “new take,” huh? This could mean so many things. It’s possible the remake will be based on a new generation. Maybe Cher’s kids? We really hope that at least some of the OG cast members will be back to reprise their roles. They could easily play parents, teachers, or honestly, any character at all. Paul Rudd could play a teenage Josh again since the man has not aged one bit!

Back in August, Alicia Silverstone, who played Cher, told Jimmy Fallon that a reunion or sequel was very unlikely. “Amy Heckerling [Clueless‘s writer and director] has made it very clear that she does not want to do another one, but she is doing a musical on Broadway,” she said.

Hey, now that a reboot is official, maybe Alicia will reconsider! So far, none of the film’s OG cast has spoken out about the remake, but a lot of fans aren’t sure if it’s such a great idea. Clueless is a sacred film for a lot of people, which is why we’re not surprised this particular reboot isn’t on everyone’s list of wants right now. However, we’ll see how things shape up once the new cast is announced and the premise is explained. Fans might very well have a change of heart.