The College Admissions Scandal Is Getting The Movie Treatment On Lifetime

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Everyone’s favorite rich people scandal is coming to small screens across America because Lifetime is making a movie about the college admissions scandal. US Weekly reports that the network is creating a movie about the scandal that shook the world back in March when Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, among many others, were charged with illegally paying thousands of dollars to secure their children’s spots at elite universities accross the U.S.

The title of the film will be College Admissions Scandal, however, Lifetime has said there is a chance that the name may change. The movie will follow the story of two wealthy women who share an obsession with getting their kids into the best colleges in America. When they’re offered side doors into a prestigious institution, they get caught up in an illegal scheme that ultimately lands them in the hands of the FBI. Sound familiar? The movie will be based on the actions of Felicity and Lori, who were just two of 50 people charged with participating in the scandal.

The famous actresses were accused of crimes including faking SAT scores and creating fake images that alleged their daughters’ athletic skills were good enough to secure a place at the University of Southern California. Felicity pleaded guilty to her involvement in the crime back in May. But Lori and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against them and continue to maintain their innocence.

Lori’s daughter, who happens to be the 19-year-old popular YouTuber Olivia Jade, left USC along with her younger sister and has been absent from social media since news of the scandal broke.

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The cast of the Lifetime original has yet to be revealed, but some Twitter users actually think that Lori and Felicity will play themselves … which is kind of hilarious. Lori was sacked from Fuller House and her Hallmark movies job, so she’s definitely looking for work!

Wouldn’t that make this all way more entertaining?

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