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What Does The End Of The CW & Netflix Deal Mean For Riverdale, Katy Keene, & Other Favorites?

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You may have heard reports from Deadline detailing the end of a deal between teen-centric network, The CW, and streaming giant Netflix, but honestly — this really isn’t *that* big of a deal, IMHO. Mostly because the CW shows that you love to watch on Netflix — i.e. Riverdale and The Flash — will remain on Netflix until the series air their final episodes, as per the initial agreement made between The CW and Netflix. It’s the future shows, such as Katy Keene, Nancy Drew, and Batwoman that are slightly more up in the air. But here’s the reality: the end of an exclusivity contract between The CW and Netflix doesn’t mean the end of the two entities working together. The CW wants their shows watched, Netflix still wants the CW customers streaming on their service, and, per Deadline shows like Riverdale and Jane the Virgin, have been some of Netflix’s most-watched series. So popular, in fact, that there was a popular misconception amongst millennials that Riverdale was a Netflix original when it first debuted on Netflix a little more than two years ago.

Since Katy Keene is a part of the extended Archie universe (with Riverdale, and the *actual* Netflix Original Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), there’s a good chance that The CW and Netflix will be able to strike a deal to guarantee the Lucy Hale-fronted show can stick with her sister shows. A lot of the Arrowverse is also a part of the grandfathered-in Netflix/CW deal, so The Flash and Guardians of Tomorrow will stay on Netflix until they’re canceled, and considering the number of crossover episodes the Arrowverse does, it would *literally* make no sense for The CW to get cocky and try to bring Batwoman to, like, the WarnerMedia streaming platform, even if Warner Bros. owns the show. That said, according to Deadline, WarnerMedia wants it, so we’ll have to see how that one shakes out, espcially because Ruby Rose‘s casting as Batwoman has already caused enough of a controversy and it’s unclear how that’ll be reflected in the ratings. It might not be smart to put it on a lesser-known streaming platform if you want its second season’s ratings to spike the way Riverdale‘s did after it hit Netflix.

Lastly lies the fate of Nancy Drew. While we’d love to see it on Netflix, it’s the only show premiering on Netflix not connected to a greater universe, and it was produced by CBS Studios, meaning it could land on CBS All-Access. Except that CBS All-Access is home to shows like Big Brother: Over the Top and The Twilight Zone reboot, meaning a teen TV show about an amateur sleuth and her friends doesn’t exactly fit into it’s niche. It’s being shopped around and could lie on Netflix — but Hulu is also a good contender. More and more streaming services are popping up, and with that leads to TV cancellations (like Jessica Jones) and the backing-out of contracts, but we’re going to be forced to dip into our wallets to stream our favorite shows no matter what moving forward, or we’ll need to be more generous with who we’re trading passwords with. The days of just going to Netflix to binge-watch all your faves are over.

In other CW news from today, the network premiered trailers for three of their most highest-anticipated upcoming shows, Katy Keene, Nancy Drew, and Batwoman. You can watch them below!


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