ABC Exec Confirms Dean Unglert In The Running For the Next Bachelor Title

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Dean Unglert next bachelor rumors


Move over Mike Johnson, there’s another Bachelorette alum officially in the running to become the next star of The Bachelor. According to ABC Exec Robert MillsBachelor In Paradise bad boy Dean Unglert may have a shot at nabbing the coveted role in 2020.

Filming for the next season of The Bachelor doesn’t start until September of this year, so ABC is in no hurry to make the announcement of who will become the lead. And with Bachelor In Paradise about to air, they have plenty of new candidates to consider.

“Don’t forget Colton [Underwood] and Nick [Viall] came from Bachelor in Paradise. So there’s still some people that can be, who knows?” Mills told Entertainment Tonight. “Dean [Unglert] has that mustache now. Everyone thought he was too young, now maybe that is going to work out!”

Though if they do choose Dean to be the next season’s lead, Bachelor Nation may have mixed feelings. Hannah Brown herself recently confirmed that she’d be happy to see either Mike or Peter Weber from her season to hand out the roses.

“I want them to have happiness,” she said. And she’s not the only one. Fans have been very vocal about wanting both men to find love after things didn’t work out with Hannah on the show.

But ABC will be keeping their eyes closely on the men from Paradise this season to see who has the strongest storyline — not who leaves the beach the most heartbroken. As we know from the recent-ish castings of Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Nick Viall, ABC execs don’t really care who Bachelor Nation wants as the lead. They do what they want, and they know that the fans will watch no matter what.

“It’s changed over the years. You do look at who people want,” Mills continued. “Like after Becca Kufrin’s season, the last thing you left with is, ‘Oh my gosh, Blake is so heartbroken. He needs to find love.’ And then you find that everything, especially now in the world, everything moves so quickly. People forget about that. Then you have to think, who’s going to have the most interesting story arch for 24 hours?”




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