Derek Peth Is Getting The Bachelor Edit on Bachelor in Paradise

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Derek Peth next Bachelor


Watch out, Mike JohnsonDerek Peth is coming for your gig.

On Tuesday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, hearts across America broke as Derek sobbed on the beach over his failed relationship with fan-favorite Demi Burnett.

Demi broke things off with Derek after confessing that she wanted to pursue a relationship with her girlfriend back home, Kristian Haggerty — and fans couldn’t help but hurt right along with the blue-eyed hunk. He sat on the beach with his head in his hands, muttering lines that only a potential Bachelor would say.

He admitted that he feels like he’s never enough, that someone is always chosen over him, and that he fears his life will remain this way indefinitely. Suddenly, Derek went from being just a regular guy on the beach to being… Bachelor material. Fans quickly got on board with the idea of Derek landing the coveted gig.

And even some stars from the franchise chimed in on their support for Derek to hand out the roses for season 24.

Previously, ABC revealed that they were purposely holding out on making the announcement of who will be the next Bachelor is to see if any cast members of Bachelor in Paradise were of interest.

“Don’t forget Colton [Underwood] and Nick [Viall] came from Bachelor in Paradise. So there’s still some people that can be, who knows?” ABC Executive Robert Mills previously told Entertainment Tonight.

While Derek would be an interesting choice, he’s not the only one in the running. Mike and Peter Weber from Hannah Brown‘s season of The Bachelorette are both fan favorites and very much still in consideration. Mills also said Dean Unglert and his mustache could be leading man material.

“You have to think, who’s going to have the most interesting story arch for 24 hours? With Colton [Underwood], that was a really interesting story. This guy is a virgin, but he really wants to fall in love,” Mills added. “Who’s gonna be the story that we can stretch out over ten weeks?”

Guess we have to wait and see…

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