The Descendants 3 Trailer Is Here and Some Fans Are NOT Happy

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The Disney Channel

Color us shocked! The trailer for the new Disney Channel Original Movie, The Descendants 3 premiered on June 16 at the ARDYS, a new annual event put on by Radio Disney. The show was hosted by The Descendants 3 star Sophia Carson and featured performances by the Jonas Brothers and BTS. But back to The Descendants 3. In the opening moments of the trailer, Prince Ben proposed to Dove Cameron’s character Mal, and some fans are seriously freaking out — and not necessarily in a good way.

Fans aren’t the only ones losing it either. In the trailer, Audrey (played by Sarah Jeffrey) can be seen looking confused as her ex-boyfriend proposes to another girl right in front of her. (We can’t really blame her, tbh.) Despite the fact the trailer starts with a proposal, it doesn’t seem like things are going well for Mal. When Mal and her friends return to the Isle of the Lost to recruit more villainous children to join them at Aurdron Prep, a breach in the barrier occurs that threatens the safety of Aurdron. Mal must find a way to close the barrier, all while battling her nemesis Hades and Uma. Happy engagement, Mal?

Naturally, stans on Twitter had ~a lot~ to say. Understandably, they’re shocked at Ben’s sudden proposal to Mal and concerned that Maleficent’s daughter doesn’t seem to be getting her well-deserved happy ending — there are no plans for another DCOM in this universe after this sequel.

Some fans are also heartbroken for poor Audrey. And, to be totally fair to Aurora’s daughter, having your ex-boyfriend propose to the daughter of the person who tried to murder your mother is, you know, kind of a total bummer.

The Descendants 3 will premiere on August 2. The film’s stars, including Dove Cameron, took to Instagram to commemorate the launch of the trailer. Dove posted the trailer with the caption “we are gagged.” Same, Dove. Same. Looks like fans will have to wait until August to see if Mal and Ben actually end up tying the knot!

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