Dove Cameron Wipes All Her Instagram Posts To Prepare For New Music Coming This Month

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Dove Cameron fans lost the archive of their favorite star’s favorite photos on Instagram, but they got something to make up for it — the confirmation of new music coming before the end of the month.

The Descendants star wiped every. single. image. from her Instagram over the weekend to prepare for her next era. Her first post since she purged the rest promised new music and apologized for how long it’s taken.

Using a handwritten letter, Dove wrote, “Wanna start by saying that I know it’s been 6 years that I’ve been promising (teasing) music, and that I know my handwriting is terrible. It’s been the strangest, most varied/twisted journey to get to this point, but I’m so glad that it was. Every time I tried in the past, it was never quite right and always a compromise of some kind. & while this is only the start of it, for the first time in my young careet + life, I finally feel like I see who I am reflected in something I’m sharing with the world, + thats incredibly gratifying & novel to me, if not a little terrifying/humbling [sic].”

She continued, “To those of you that have been waiting; thanks for your patience & support. This 1st release is the end of music month, but the start of a whole ner era for me as an *artist*, where my music plays a central role & I drop songs/content super regularly. we’ve waited long enough, you know? & for those of you that follow me but have no idea who I am or that I was planning on releasing music, I hope you hear yourself in some of my stuff.”

She finished the letter saying, “Cant wait to keep (start) creating with you/ for you.”

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As previously reported, Dove explained that her Disney Channel contract and relationship with ex Ryan McCartan was part of the reason her music had been delayed so long. Now that the Descendants franchise is finished and she’s happily boo’d-up with Thomas Doherty, there’s nothing stopping her from being a force to be reckoned with in this new era of her life.

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