Dove Cameron Fuels Rumors That She & Ariana Grande Are Going To Be Cast In Wicked Movie

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Dove Cameron Wicked


A movie adaptation of Wicked is coming in 2021 and we STILL don’t know who will be taking on the starring roles of Glinda and Elphaba. However, rumors have been circulating for months that Dove Cameron and Ariana Grande will reprise the iconic roles in the movie, and Dove has only added fuel to the fire with her “liking” habits on Twitter.

Yesterday, 23-year-old Dove “liked” a tweet from a fan that said: “I see there’s Wicked movie buzz being stirred up yet again so just going to speak into the universe YET AGAIN that @DoveCameron and @ArianaGrande better be cast accordingly….?”

Kristin Chenoweth, who played Glinda in the Broadway run of the musical, has also voiced her opinions on Dove and Ariana starring in the flick. Kristin first picked Dove as her Glinda of choice back in 2016 in an interview with VH1, and over the weekend, the actress mentioned Dove AGAIN, as well as Ariana to Entertainment Tonight when asked about the movie. She said: “Who’s going to be in it? Ariana Grande and Dove Cameron? They better be.”


When asked why she thinks Dove would be the perfect Glinda, Kristin told ET: “The role of Glinda requires a wide vocal range — she’s got that. It is a big arc in the show — she starts out ‘Glinda the bad’ and becomes, it’s what makes her good, you see that. She’s got the acting chops to do it and y’know, she’s my baby. If I had a child, it would be Dove.”

Kristin and Dove formed their close relationship when they played a mother-daughter duo in Disney’s Descendants movie franchise, so it’s no surprise she wants her friend to take on the iconic role. As for Ariana, she’s voiced her love for Wicked a ton and has channeled her inner Elphaba in performances on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke and on NBC’s A Very Wicked Halloween show last October.

Over the weekend, the musical’s composer Stephen Schwartz further fueled the Ariana casting rumors by telling Gay Times: “The Wicked movie is not quite far enough along yet for us to really be talking about specific casting, but obviously everyone is very aware of the presence in the world of Ariana Grande and her extraordinary talent. We’d be fools for her not to be being seriously considered. Ultimately it won’t be my decision, Stephen Daldry is our director and he will have a lot to say about the casting, as will Universal and the studio. But, as I say, let’s just say that all of us are very aware of Ariana Grande.”

At this stage, casting anyone else in the renowned roles sounds like an injustice to us.

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