Dove Cameron *Finally* Makes a Music Comeback With Two New Songs & Music Video After Six-Year Hiatus

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Is this real life? After six years of teasing and promising fans that new music would be coming soon, Dove Cameron has officially launched her solo music career with two new singles and one music video. Dove has previously released music on behalf of various Disney productions she starred in, most notably for the Descendants franchise. She also released music as part of a two-person band with her ex-boyfriend Ryan McCartan under the name The Girl and the Dreamcatcher.

Dove dropped two new original songs this morning, “Bloodshot” and “Waste,” and the latter was accompanied by a music video. The 23-year-old spoke with Jimmy Fallon before the two songs launched at 12 AM this morning. She told the late-night host: “They’re both very much vibey songs … mood songs. One is incredibly romantic, it’s very much about a very passionate love, an intense love — and then the other one is more about loss.”


“Waste,” which Dove released with a black and white music video featuring herself singing directly to the camera, is a love song that she told Rolling Stone has “always felt extremely special to me.”

“It was always the one that grabbed me the most,” she told the publication. “It’s probably the weirdest one; the production is definitely strange. I love that it’s a love song without being a really melty, drippy.”

“Bloodshot” tells the opposite story of a breakup, with Dove explaining to Rolling Stone that the lyrics can be interpreted to be about more than just a romantic split. “I tend to really hate a break-up song. ‘Bloodshot’ is focused on the own personal feelings of the narrator.”

The Disney star began teasing her new music earlier this week when she removed all photos from her Instagram page and uploaded a photo of a handwritten note directed at her fans. “Wanna start by saying that I know it’s been 6 years that I’ve been promising (teasing) music,” she wrote. “It’s been the strangest, most varied/twisted journey to get to this point, but I’m so glad that it was. Every time I tried in the past, it was never quite right and always a compromise of some kind.”

“This 1st release is the end of music month, but the start of a whole new era for me as an *artist*, where my music plays a central role & I drop songs/content super regularly. We’ve waited long enough, you know?”

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We are READY for 2020 aka the year of the Dove Cameron.


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