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Falice Shippers Are Freaking Out Over This New Riverdale Season 3 Trailer

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Just when you thought the day had enough Riverdale news (JK, there’s no such thing), the brains behind The CW show dropped another squeal-worthy teaser for the upcoming third season of the show – and it had one *MAJOR* FP Jones and Alice Cooper moment. No spoilers, but we will mention it involves a bed. *Wink wink*

You can check out the season three trailer below:

Did you catch that #Falice snuggle sesh? If not, fans have got you covered:

Check that tattoo!! You get the point. Fans are absolutely losing their $h*t! And why shouldn’t they? Mädchen Amick has teased that there were some *steamy* moments to come, but we needed proof – and finally, we got it. The actress who plays Alice told Us Weekly that she thinks the pair “belong[s] with each other.” “They’re both fiery and strong and clearly, something happened that broke them apart but I think they belong with each other,” she said. The man behind FP, Skeet Ulrich told the magazine in March, “they need to do it right if it’s going to happen.”

Well, it looks like it’s FINALLY going to happen and we couldn’t be more enthused! And we’re not the only ones…

For those of you who can’t get enough of #Bughead, there was a peek at their relationship heating up, as well. From what we know about Riverdale season three (and you can check out a list of details here), this is a season you do not want to miss!