There Were So Many Juicy ‘Falice’ Moments At New York Comic Con’s Riverdale Panel

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No one would have predicted that a CW show about teens living in a genuinely bonkers town would have one of the favorite ships be between two parents but that’s what happened with Riverdale‘s #Falice ship. The pairing between Betty Cooper‘s mom, Alice Cooper, and Jughead Jones‘s dad, FP Jones has become something fans feel very, very passionate about. It might have something to do with the fact that Mädchen Amick and Skeet Ulrich, who play Alice and FP respectively, were teen heartthrobs in the ’90s and somehow only got hotter in the years since. Like, seriously…

At this year’s New York Comic-Con, the Riverdale panel put a spotlight on the parents of Riverdale. This included Marisol Nichols, Mark Consuelos, Molly Ringwald, and — you guessed it — Skeet and Mads. Natch, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the showrunner, was there, too.

Falice vibes started off strong with the Comic-Con exclusive Riverdale season four trailer. During a montage of the **sexiest** moments of the upcoming season, we see Alice and FP share a sweet kiss.

But Mädchen and Skeet know how beloved their characters’ coupling is — and the two actors gave us exactly what we needed during the panel as well.

Perhaps most notable was when a fan asked the entire panel if there was something their characters “hadn’t done yet” that the actors wanted them to. Skeet hustled to get the first word and it was just one — “Alice.” Suffice it to say the crowd went wild in the moment.

Skeet wasn’t the only one letting fans know hat #FaliceLove was still strong AF. When the panel moderator asked Skeet why it seemed FP was always putting on more layers (whereas Mark’s Hiram is basically shirtless at every opportunity), Mädchen got in a few words of her own.

“Alice is going to try to un-layer him,” she said, before Skeet smiles with an, “I can’t wait.” the whisp could practically feel the heat from where we were sitting in the audience (eight rows back).

Mädchen teased during season four we can expect to see a scene with “the whole family” including FP, Alice, Jughead, Betty, and Charles — before clarifying that Polly wouldn’t be there. While it’s cute for FP and Alice to be making their little family — we *should* probably talk about the fact that Betty and Jughead are dating, so we probably shouldn’t be talking about them like step-siblings just yet.

When the panel was asked about cut scenes from season three, and whether there was one that got cut that they wished hadn’t been, Skeet said the highly-anticipated bedroom scene between Falice came to mind, but ultimately he understood why Roberto had to cut it for the narrative.

We hope the Falice kiss we saw in the extended trailer doesn’t get cut like the last one did — and that Betty and Jughead figure out what they’re going to do once they become official step-siblings.

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