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Gavin Leatherwood Spills That He First Kissed Kiernan Shipka Off-Screen

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Where can I submit my application to be Kiernan Shipka? The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina actress is living the dream, and not just because she gets to party with the Riverdale cast and probably has John Hamm‘s cell phone number. An ~angel~ at Entertainment Tonight asked Sabrina Spellman’s men, Ross Lynch and Gavin Leatherwood, about their first kisses with the Archie Comics cutie, and we’ve never been more jealous of someone in our lives.

Ross revealed that while his character Harvey Kinkle was still dating the titular witch, he would kiss Kiernan roughly 30 times a day on set. I wonder how his IRL girlfriend and co-star Jaz Sinclair felt about that ?

While Ross is pretty sure his first kiss with Kiernan was on-set for a scene (although, the fact that he felt the need to clarify makes me wonder if they’ve had other kisses ~off-set~ not for a scene — another love triangle, perhaps?), Gavin and Kiernan’s first kiss was definitely far away from the cameras.

In a scene straight out of a middle schooler’s fanfiction.net story, Gavin said he was incredibly nervous before his first stage kiss with Kiernan. While he was talking to a transport guy on-set, Gavin realized the only way to calm his nerves was to figure out how to kiss Kiernan before the cameras started rolling. Lol, OK. I’m pretty sure every pervy musical theatre guy has used that excuse to make-out with his co-star before, but whatever.

Gavin told ET that he went up to Kiernan’s trailer before the day started.

“[When she answered the door], I was just like hang on and I just planted a smooch on her and was like ‘I’m sorry, I just had to get that out of the way, my heart is pounding, I’m shaking, and I just didn’t want that to be awkward on screen for the first time,'” he said. Luckily, Kiernan was totally cool with it, but TBH, who wouldn’t be? Dude’s hot.

Making things even more Wattpad-lite, Gavin said he went in for a quick peck, decided that was the awkward kiss he had been dreading, then went in ~again~ for another (presumably less weird) kiss.

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Chilling Adventures season part two was released last weekend on Netflix, and the show finally found its stride with Sabrina committing to the dark side (and Nick) while her friends from home, Harvey and Roz, commit to each other. It’s been known that Jaz and Ross are also together off-screen, but with a cast this gorgeous, we wouldn’t be surprised if a few more off-screen romances pop-up when CAOS starts filming part three.

To recap: Kiernan Shipka is the luckiest girl in the world, and if one person in the CAOS cast gets mono, they’ll ~all~ get mono. It’s so hard being famous.

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