How Luke Perry’s Death Will Affect Riverdale

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The CW

Luke Perry died late this morning, and Riverdale fans are already asking how his death will affect the series. It’s honestly a little too soon to be thinking about the effect his passing will have on The CW’s series, but as Vanity Fair put it, the show will be a lot colder without Fred Andrews, “the beating heart of Riverdale.”

Surprisingly, some news has already broken through Variety regarding Riverdale moving forward as production has been halted to allow Luke’s co-stars to grieve. Although there hasn’t been any news regarding whether the show will address Luke’s death or if Fred will be written off of the show, Luke was filming episodes of Riverdale until the time of his stroke. He’ll likely still appear in many of the nine remaining Riverdale season three episodes, but there’s been no word on how long production will be halted or the effect this needed break will have on the rest of the season’s filming schedule.

Luke’s character Fred was the moral true north of the series, one of the only consistently *good* characters in a town of gang members, murderers, and drug dealers. Fred had narrowly avoided death at the beginning of season two after being shot by the Black Hood serial killer, and it’s unclear whether the writers will circle back to the character’s near-death experience when deciding how to say goodbye to Fred Andrews and memorialize Luke.

Riverdale‘s official Twitter account released a statement Monday afternoon from the series’ executive producers calling Luke a “father figure and mentor” to his cast members who “infused the set with love and kindness” :

Riverdale will absolutely suffer from losing the empathetic, incorruptible, and loyal Fred, and the series will be much colder without him.

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