Halsey Defends BTS After 2019 GRAMMY Snub

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The 2019 GRAMMY Award nominations are here and, as per usual, with some big praise comes some big snubs. Ariana Grande snagged five noms, Taylor Swift pulled a few of her own, and Lil Nas X and Billie Eilish were big names in the GRAMMY announcements, as well.

Unfortunately, other artists like Halsey and BTS were left unnoticed by the Recording Academy this year and their fans were… well, pissed. Halsey urged her fans to ease up and promised that, although she was disappointed, as long as she’s still here and the fans are still here, nothing will change — Grammy recognition or not.

Her mentions were quickly filled with the BTS Army angry that their fave wasn’t getting the attention they deserved. Halsey, who collaborated with BTS for “Boy With Luv” earlier this year and has been a public supporter for the group before, also spoke to their snub on Twitter, mentioning she was blocking out the haters.

This isn’t the first time Halsey has mentioned BTS’s treatment in the American music industry. Despite their large volume of US-based fans, the “Graveyard” singer said on The Zach Sang Show that she thought there were a lot of people who promised things to BTS and failed to fulfill their side of the bargain.

“This is a band that has been taken advantage of in many ways. You know what I mean? By people promising them spins and radio play in exchange for social media power,” she said.

But Halsey wasn’t 100% disappointed by the list of noms this year. She congratulated Billie Eilish for her attention by the Recording Academy… before saying she was going back to bed. Gotta love that she’s taking everything in stride! Is she going back to bed… with her new public boyfriend Evan Peters? Who needs some GRAMMY when you’ve got the man of your dreams?!!

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