The Bachelor’s Hannah Ann Sluss & Madi Prewett Are Friends After Peter Weber Breakups

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Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett may have been at the center of the recent The Bachelor drama with Peter Weber and his mom, Barb, but it looks like there’s no bad blood between the brunettes. ICYMI: the recent Bachelor finale showed their leading man, Peter, torn between the two women and proposing to Hannah Ann after Madison self-eliminated. But Peter and Hannah Ann reconnected on-camera a few months later, they broke up, and Chris Harrison reached out to Madi, hoping the two could get back together.

Days after the finale aired on ABC, Madi and Peter announced they had decided to “go their separate ways,” and we’ve got to wonder if Peter’s mom, Barb, who was vocally a fan of Hannah Ann and vocally not a fan of Madi had something to do with it. During the finale, Hannah Ann said that she was friends with Madi while they filmed the season of The Bachelor. But you’ve got to assume all that drama would get in between the two 23-year-old women.

Apparently not. In Madi’s Instagram comments, the two showed the world that they’re still tight regardless of dating and dumping some pilot.

Madison shared a photo on the first Monday that episodes of The Bachelor *weren’t* airing, writing, “Well this Monday is a little different.” She also wished her followers safety amid the current Coronavirus crisis. Bachelor alums Lexie Buchananan and Raven Gates showed their support to Madi in her comments section and, surprisingly, so did Hannah Ann.

Hannah commented, writing, “Cutie” with a red-heart and kissy-face emoji. Madi responded to the comment with three kissy-face emojis. Fans of Bachelor nation also flocked to the comments, writing things like, “THE FRIENDSHIP WE DESERVE,” and “we love women supporting women.”

Madi and Hannah Ann said “chicks before d*cks” and that’s the tea.