Harry Styles’s New Single “Lights Up” Dubbed A “Bisexual Anthem”

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Harry Styles Lights Up Bisexual


Harry Styles stans stayed up until midnight to hear the first track from his highly-anticipated second studio album (and it’s accompanying music video) and boy, he didn’t disappoint. The song, “Lights Up” has been officially declared “a bop,” and the fluidity shown in the lyrics and music video has supported theories that Harry Styles is bi or pansexual — though the actor/singer himself has said he felt no need to publicly declare his sexuality.

To rewind, Harry returned to Twitter after a hiatus with a single tweet that just said, “Do.” Naturally, fans went wild with fan theories, memes, and everything in between.

Then yesterday, he tweeted to a fan about the importance of therapy and mental health awareness and launched an interactive website called doyouknowwhoyouare which promoted “TPWK” — aka “treat people with kindness. Then, we got “Lights Up.”

Some fan theories think the timing is interesting because today is National Coming Out Day. In the past, Harry has denied being bisexual, though he once said during a One Direction interview that ‘female’ being a trait in a partner was “not that important.” At the time, it was unclear if he was joking. More recently, his lyrics to “Medicine” reference “mess[ing] around” with “boys and girls.” Furthermore, in the “Lights Up” music video, Harry can be seen in the center of a dance party dancing with people of all genders in an intimate way.

It’s important to note that Harry doesn’t think it’s important to label his sexuality, so speculating on it may not be the best way to show the impact that this song is having on fans. But if LGBTQ+ people are feeling seen and represented, that can only be a good thing.

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