Harry Styles’s Unreleased Songs From “Fine Line” Are Giving Fans FOMO

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Harry Styles dropped his second studio album, Fine Line today and fans are already obsessed with it. His pre-released singles “Lights Up,” “Watermelon Sugar,” and “Adore You,” were so iconic it was hard to believe every song on the album could be just as good. But guess what? They are.

But a photo from the former One Direction guy’s album release book shows how they decided the order of the album — and just so happened to show us fans a few of the songs that weren’t released.

These song titles include “Isabella,” “A Modern Life,” “You’re So American,” “Oh Yeah,” “30,000 Miles,” and one called “Anne” — the last of which really has fans with a case of FOMO.

Harry’s mom’s name is Anne Twist and the 25-year-old’s fans feel pretty certain that if he’s naming a song “Anne,” then it’s about his mom.

Some also really want to hear “You’re So American” — Americans, particularly.

At this point, Harry could make a whole album of unreleased tracks. He never released “Medicine,” “Anna” or “Complicated Freak,” among FOUR others, from his first studio album and now there are six unreleased from Fine Line.

Who is starting the Change.org petition for Harry to release these songs? Trust me, it’ll get the signatures.

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