Director Confirms Hush, Hush Adaptation With Liana Liberato Is “Not Cancelled”

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Twitter / Kellie Cyrus

Fans of supernatural YA series Hush, Hush were thrilled when news dropped more than a year ago that it was being adapted for the big screen. About a month later, it was confirmed that Liana Liberato and Wolfgang Novogratz would be taking on the lead roles imagined by author Becca Fitzpatrick. But since then, silence — which is ironic considering the movie adaptation’s title.

Liana has gone on to drop two seasons of her Hulu show Light As A Feather and Wolfgang was seen in two Netflix original movies Sierra Burgess Is a Loser with Shannon Purser and The Last Summer with KJ Apa. Fans had started to lose hope that the fantasy novel would ever make it to the big screen — especially because in 2012, it was announced that LD Entertainment and Paramount Pictures would be bringing it to life and a year and a half later, that project was canceled.

But now, the director of this Hush, Hush movie adaptation with BCDF Pictures and Kalahari Film & Me, Kellie Cyrus (a name you probably recognize from directing The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Lifetime’s You) has confirmed that while she “wish[es] [he] had news… things are still in motion and it has not been cancelled.”

That’s relieving! Sadly, the director also says she’s “waiting for info” just like the fans are. Bummer.

As we know from planned book-to-movie adaptations like Uglies and Looking For Alaska, oftentimes after books are optioned for rights to studios they get stuck in “development hell.” It’s unclear why, but the pressure to produce the “next big franchise,” and YA fans growing older and possibly losing interest in seeing these books come to life might have something to do with it. We just hope that the Hush, Hush movie actually happens.

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