New Girl Star Joins Stumptown After “Degrading” Recasting Drama

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There’s more casting drama over at ABC — this time on the hasn’t-even-aired-yet Cobie Smulders-lead show, Stumptown, a crime show debuting in the spring. A few weeks ago, Mark Webber was ousted from the show after filming the pilot episode, and the actor slammed ABC saying that TV executives didn’t think he was attractive enough to play Grey McConnell opposite Cobie’s Dex Parios.

“I’m being recast in a network television show because I’m not handsome enough for the executives,” Mark wrote on Twitter. “I’ve already been deemed insignificant by them. The way I was treated was so degrading.”

Phoebe Tonkin from The CW’s The Originals, as well as several other fans of Mark’s, came out to say, basically, f*ck ABC, and one actor said he’d received similar treatment but it “turned into the best choice [he] ever made.”

It looks like ABC is diverting the attention away from Mark Webber’s recasting drama by casting beloved New Girl actor Jake Johnson to play Grey McConnell after the pilot episode.

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