Jonas Brothers Confirm Their Reunion With Carpool Karaoke

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jonas brothers confirm


Childhood dreams really do come true! After six years of praying, the Jonas Brothers are back. Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas confirmed their reunion in the teaser for their upcoming Carpool Karaoke segment on Late Night With James Corden. Why do we feel like our fave late-night host had something to do with this momentous occasion? If anyone could get the band back together, it’s patron saint of the arts James Corden.

The Jonas Brothers have been broken up since 2013, but now they’re reportedly coming back as JONAS. Like, their TV show? You know, whatever gets them back in the game, we love it. JONAS it is. The end of the Jonas Brothers was really the end of our childhood, so now that they’re back, we’re intending to bring back crimped hair, slap bracelets, and 10PM bedtimes like the good ol’ days.

In the teaser, the band confirms that they’ve been keeping this a secret for nearly eight months. That means while Nick was planning his wedding with Priyanka Chopra, Joe was planning *his* wedding with Sophie Turner, and Kevin was like… idk, knitting or something (JK — raising his two children with Danielle Jonas), they were all conspiring to release new music onto an unsuspecting public.

jonas brothers confirm

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At the very end of the teaser, they sang an unfamiliar song, and as a Jonas Brothers superfan since 2006, I think I would know if it was one of the hits. Surprise, surprise, Nick shared on his Twitter account that their new single, “Sucker,” would be released at midnight ET tonight. It sounds just as catchy and pop-tastic as the OG JB hits. Thank God. Was anyone else a little frightened they would come back, like, super indie or something?

There’s also a great moment where James greets all of the bandmates as his old pals, and he has to pretend to have met Kevin before LMAO. Maybe Married to Jonas was more popular than we realized.

The Jonas Brothers’ carpool karaoke won’t hit until next week, so we’ve got a ton of time to get acquainted with their new song before then. In the meantime, grab your best red (and I cannot emphasize this enough) dress, crank some “Year 3000,” and watch the Carpool Karaoke teaser nine thousand more times to pump yourself up for the only band reunion that matters. Sorry, Spice Girls. Just hearing the band sing “Burnin’ Up” together again was enough to make us go: aslkdjslfkjdskldfgkf.

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