All Of The References In The Jonas Brothers’ New “Cool” Music Video

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We finally got to see the music video The Jonas Brothers were filming in Miami last month, and the nostalgia-heavy bop delivered. “Cool” would have been a banger no matter what because of its pastel summer vibes and the enduring novelty of the Jonas Brothers’ reunion, but Nick, Joe, and Kevin know what their fans want — nine million references to the JoBro’s long history, Nick’s falsetto, and some light product placement.

[youtube_iframe id=”8_JbZvHc92U”]

Seriously, the number of shout outs these boys managed to fit into a 2:47 song is insane. Side note: Why will these boys not give us a song that’s over three minutes long? We. want. more.

Nick proves he’s been paying attention to Twitter when he opens the song with a red dress (RED DRESS) lyric right off the bat. In the first verse, Nick sings, “Standin’ there with the red dress on ya/ A Killer Queen like a young Jane Fonda,” so of course, the memes are already fantastic.

The easter eggs actually sneak in even earlier in the music video, and we got excited. Nick, Joe, and Kevin are listening to “Sucker” during the intro to remind us why they’re still cool, then they just drag us all to hell by casting their audience as the residents at an old folks’ home because we’ve all become elderly during the past six years. Nick uses his chorus as an opportunity to plug his JV x NJ John Varvatos perfume collaboration:

jonas brothers cool

Republic Records

Real subtle, Nick.

Joe’s verse got even more niche, referencing a reference about the brothers. We’ve all heard “Better Now” roughly five hundred times, but do any of us actually know what Post Malone is saying? Apparently, there’s a line where Posty says he’s rollin’ with his brothers like it’s Jonas, so clearly Joe had to give Post a shoutout, singing, “I feel like Post Malone when I get home.”

Joe then gets personal, saying he sits as home “winning like it’s Game of Thrones.” Joe is engaged to Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark, so saying he’s winning whenever he’s home is literally so cute. Joe has become such a good boyfriend/future husband. Somewhere, the old Taylor Swift is turning over in her grave. Joe might’ve turned over a new leaf, but some things never change:

Because two back-to-back easter eggs just weren’t enough, Joe plugs Nick’s solo career in a line that makes no sense in context, “And now that we’ve made it, how complicated was last year?” To explain for the fake fans, Nick’s latest solo album was called Last Year Was Complicated. You’re welcome.

This isn’t the only reference to Nick’s time flying solo. Kevin uses an identical guitar strap to Nick’s when he was a wee child performing with Nick Jonas & The Administration. Either that or they’re recycling their old stuff because they’re lowkey poor and that’s why the band got back together. Debt happens, just look at Nicolas Cage.

The last bit of product placement is Kevin pouring himself a glass of Bayou Rum, which seems entirely unrelated to the band, so they probably got enough dough from that #ad #spon to charter the boat they were partying on after the shoot.

TL;DR “Cool” is a bop, and we’ll be jamming to it until we’re actually 80. If you need me, I’ll be at the beach pretending it’s summer in Miami.

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